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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recommended Routine: Four Daily Steps to Healthy Skin

Like many of our patients, you probably hit the ground running first thing in the morning. Work, kids, errands and meetings can keep you going until right before your head hits the pillow each night. With time being such a valuable commodity, it’s common to wonder how you’re supposed to fit a whole host of products and processes into your schedule to keep the stress from affecting your skin. Let’s go over what you absolutely must do on a daily basis to keep your skin in good shape.

Your skin sheds cells on a regular basis, releases waste through sweat and picks up pollutants in the environment – all of which need to be cleaned off your skin every day. To save time, find a facial cleanser that exfoliates or use nylon gloves to gently wash your face. Remember to make sure the cleanser is tailored to your skin type and that the exfoliant is suitable for your skin type, as well. If you’re not sure which cleanser is right for you, read our blog post on the subject.

Moisturizers are key in helping skin stay plump, healing existing damage and preventing further damage caused by dry skin. Likewise, sunscreen is essential to slowing skin damage and premature aging caused by sun exposure. If you plan to be outside at all between sun up and sun down, you need sunscreen on all exposed skin. Again, you can knock out two steps in one by using a moisturizer that has at least an SPF 30, but remember to use separate products for your face and body. 

Lip balm
Love your lip balm, cherish your lip balm and carry it with you always! Lip balm will help keep those unsightly lip lines at bay and keep your lips smooth and supple. Plus, there’s the added benefit of almost any flavor you’d like available in some pout-protecting product. Tasty, glittery, shiny or even environmentally friendly, find your favorite lip balm and use it often.

You had to know this one was coming. Almost any health-related blog you’ll read mentions drinking water. It’s essential to your health and your existence. The human body is made up of roughly 85 percent water, and that supply has to be replenished somehow. Drinking plenty of water helps flush out your body, prevents water retention and improves your complexion. Avoid those pesky mouth lines I mentioned above by drinking from a glass, a squirt bottle or a wide mouthed bottle to avoid pursing your lips unnecessarily around a straw. Reserve that for something fun – like smooching. ;-)

Do you have any other questions about what you absolutely must do on a daily basis to keep your skin looking good? Leave them in the comments below! Want to have more of a one-on-one chat about your skin? Schedule an appointment today!

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