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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Skin Through the Ages: The 20s

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This post is the second in a series called “Skin Through the Ages.” The series will focus on how to take care of and manage skin at various points in life. This post focuses on the 20s.

Your 20s are all about choices: choosing who you want to be, what you want to do, where you want to live, where to go for spring break…. Along with all those choices is choosing the type of skin you want. “Huh? I already know my skin type, so what gives?” Yes, you already have the dry, normal, oily, combination or sensitive skin you had in your teens. That will start to change in your mid- to late 20s. But how you care for your skin during your 20s will determine how soon you see signs of aging in your 30s and what type of damage appears in your 40s. So let’s get to what you should do to help your skin age as gracefully as possible.

A routine
Did you mean to start a regular skin care routine in your teens, but never quite got around to it? Don’t worry. There’s no time like the present, but this is the time you have to establish a routine if you want to set yourself up for good healthy skin down the road. Choose the proper products for your skin type and use them every morning and every night. No exceptions.

Yes, you hear this everywhere, including in multiple posts on this blog. That’s because it’s so important! We can’t change the body’s aging process (at least not yet), but you can prevent sun damage from adding to the aging process. Use a lotion with at least 30 SPF every day to keep sun damage at bay and avoid unnecessary sun exposure.

Your teens may be over, but dealing with acne is not. Many people continue to experience issues with acne well into their 20s. Make sure to continue using acne treatment products as needed and avoid triggers that may cause breakouts. These include touching your face unnecessarily, using overly drying products, not moisturizing properly or stress, among others.

Although we were just talking about acne – traditionally a teenage problem – skin care in your 20s is tricky. There’s a reason why skin care lines offer products that are both anti-aging and acne treating. In your mid-20s, the rate your skin turns over will start to slow, and in your late 20s, you may start seeing some fine lines. These combination products are meant for that unfair time when acne and fine lines creep in at the same time. Introduce a gentle exfoliant into your skin care routine in your mid- to late 20s to avoid the fine lines, but also to make sure that it won’t irritate your acne.

All those other pesky -ings
Now is the time to stop those other bad habits you’ve picked up: smoking; drinking (too much); eating (too much and the wrong foods); and sleeping (too little). These things may seem fun now, but in 10 to 20 years, you’ll think differently. You’ll want to make these changes now before they leave their permanent mark on your body.

Are there any other skin problems that you’re experiencing in your 20s? Post them in the comments below and I’ll try to help you out! If you need to schedule an appointment, visit our website


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