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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sunscreen, Self-Tanning, and Sunless Tanning

The American Academy of Dermatology has named May the official Melanoma Awareness Month, so as a precaution we’re sharing with you three things you can do now to proactively protect your skin. 
  1. Sunscreen – Applying sunscreen to your skin daily is very important. Any area of your body that will be exposed to the sun should receive a layer of sunscreen to provide a healthy barrier between the sun and your skin. To best protect your skin, apply sunscreen after you’ve applied Advanced Correcting Serum and before you apply your makeup.  
  1. Self-Screening - A monthly head-to-toe screening is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation. Knowing the various marks on your body and monitoring your skin for any new or changing lesions can result in early detection and removal of skin cancer. Refer to The ABC’s of Melanoma.
  1. Desperate for a summer glow? A spray tan or self-tanner are the only safe options!
    Spray tans and tanning lotions have come a long way! Next time you're at the drugstore check out the variety of lotions they have to offer or search online for a MediSpa in your area that offers the best custom airbrush tan.
    All we ask is that you say no to tanning beds! Recent studies show that UV radiation used in tanning beds increases your risk of developing skin cancer and puts your eyes at risk for cataracts and corneal burns. 

Disclaimer -- *This article is to provide insight about Melanoma, not to be used for a professional diagnosis. If you or anyone you know if concerned they may have skin cancer, schedule an appointment with a dermatologist immediately.


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