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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ethnic Skin: Choosing The Right Makeup

Photo courtesy of flickr user Philippe Put

If you’re a dark-skinned woman, do you spend countless hours scouring the makeup aisles in a vain attempt to find makeup that matches your skin? Are you sick of dull makeup colors that barely show up, or worse, leave your skin looking chalky? We understand your pain, and we have answers! Keep reading to find out how to avoid these annoyances and apply flawless makeup to your beautiful dark skin.

First, cleanse and tone your skin. Then, if you have oily skin, apply a matte primer. If your skin tends to be drier, look for an allover moisturizing primer that will give you a good base to apply your make up seamlessly.

Foundation, Blush and Bronzer
Choosing the right shade of foundation can make or break your look. Picking a foundation that is too light is the main cause of the “chalky” look that so many dark-skinned women experience. We know finding the perfect shade is difficult, and sometimes it seems impossible, but trust us – going too dark is better than going too light (and don’t forget you can always mix the two). Keep in mind that yellow-based foundations mix best with dark skin tones. Remember: The goal is for foundation to basically disappear after application, so always test shades in natural light before you buy them. That way, they will match as closely as possible. After applying your foundation with a yellow base, you should move to a blush and bronzer that will accentuate your natural color. Brown or copper bronzer is best for naturally dark skin.  

For the lips, think natural. Browns, golds, neutrals and earth tones look best for daytime wear, while pinks and dark burgundy shades add glam for your nighttime look. If you want to catch some eyes but not grab too much attention, opt for a dab of lip gloss. This is great for a casual evening or some daytime fun! Although often misunderstood, using a dark liner is actually NOT the best way to accentuate your lips. You should highlight this area by adding a little pop with a liner that’s close to the same color as your gloss or lipstick.

The eyes are often the most overlooked part of the makeup routine.

Eye Shadow
Although it’s the easiest to skip, a great eye shadow can complete your look if done properly. Shimmery, metallic eye shadows are best for dark skin. For a more dramatic look, try two complementary colors like gold and purple. Keep in mind that the darker your skin, the brighter the colors you can pull off. Contrast is everything when it comes to the eyes!
For your liner, stick with a basic brown or black with black mascara. If you’re going for that bold look, try some false eyelashes and go crazy with colorful shadows!

To recap: Err on the dark side for your foundation, go natural on the lips and bright for the eyes. Have fun with your makeup and embrace your beautiful skin!

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