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Monday, May 2, 2016

Do Something Beautiful for Mom on her Special Day

Take care of the woman who always takes care of you by treating mom to the ultimate spa experience for Mother's Day at Visha Medi Spa inside Advanced Dermatology Skin Cancer and AssociatesIn the month of May, Visha Medi Spa is offering five exclusive spa specials to pamper mothers in style.

“At Visha Medi Spa we would like to celebrate mothers from all over the region by providing them a place of relaxation and rejuvenation by offering specials on services including Botox, Radiesse filler, facial laser rejuvenation and micropeels,” said Dr. Purvisha Patel, owner of Visha Medi Spa and Advanced Dermatology and Skin Cancer Associates and creator of Visha Skin Care.

Give the gift of beauty with these five rejuvenating Mother's Day specials by calling (901) 759-2322.
  • Purchase a gift certificate at Visha Medi Spa and receive a free Visha Skin Care product
  • Purchase 30 units of Botox and receive 10 units for free
  • Buy one syringe of Radiesse filler and receive the second syringe half off
  • Buy an introductory facial laser rejuvenation and receive a free micropeels.
  • Purchase a facial and body wrap gift certificate and receive a free Visha Skin Care Sugar Shrink Body Scrub.
If your mom lives in a different city, let her know you’re thinking of her with a gift of beauty from Visha Skin Care. Take 15% off your purchase of Mommy or Advanced bundles with code “MothersDay2016” now through May 31. Visha Skin Care’s multitasking feature and powerful ingredients are perfect for a mother that’s always on the go. You can purchase these products at


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